Managing Time Effectively


Do you have enough time?

Time - do you ever have enough?

As time seems to pass ever more quickly, and business pressures make days seem busier than before, it is important the time that is available is used effectively. This is true for both business and personal time. Balancing these 2 areas is also important as day to life becomes more hectic.

Poor planning,  the intrusion of email and other electronic communications making us "always on" and a growing desire for activities to be done quicker can lead to increased stress, missed opportunities and a growing sense that there is never enough time to do everything.

This course will help determine

  • what needs to be done 

  • who needs to do it; 

  • the order and priority; and oerall 

  • how to lead a calmer and more organised life.

By attending this 2 Day course attendees will learn

  • To improve the use of time as individuals, and within their team.

  • To manage projects at work using assertive behaviour

  • To delegate effectively

  • To manage meetings effectively

Course Objectives


Structure and approach

Using group exercises, individual analysis, and a detailed action planning, participants will cover the following topics

  • How do you use your time?

  • Time Stealers and Delegation

  • Prioritising & Personal Organisation tips

  • How to run a basic project – short and long term planning  

  • Communication rules to observe

    • which method to use and when to use it.

  • Appropriate use of email and electronic communication.

  • Managing Meetings

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