Presentation Skills

Getting your message across and understood

Standing up in front of peers can be one of the most nerve wracking experiences managers may face. 

Being able to deliver a clear, concise and confident presentation will steady the nerves and ensure that the audience is engaged and understands the message being delivered. 

This 1 day course provides the key elements needed to structure, deliver and improve your presentation.

By attending this 1 Day course attendees will learn how to 

  • Plan and prepare systematically for presentations

  • Put yourself across confidently, clearly and enthusiastically

  • Design and use appropriate visual aids

  • Handle questions effectively

Course Objectives


Structure and approach

Using group and individual exercises, by the end of the course participants will :

  • understand what makes a good presenter

  • have an approach on preparing to present

  • know how to structure presentations

  • know how to prepare and use notes

  • understand the value,and potential distraction, of using visual aids

  • be able to handle questions

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