Keith Posner
Founder and Principal

Key Skills

  • Executive Coaching

  • Negotiation Skills

  • Leadership & Motivation

  • Strategic Planning

  • Communication

  • Empowerment

  • Personal Stress and Life Balance

  • Succession Management

  • Team Building

  • Customer Service

  • Project Management

  • Approved Trainer for Institute of Leadership & Management

  • Psychometrics - OPQ32 & MBTI (Myers Briggs)


Along with Mike Applegarth, he is the co-author of

          "The Empowerment Pocketbook"

           "The Project Management Pocketbook"

           "Call Centre Customer Care Pocketbook".


Keith Posner co founded Positive Perspective in 1995 along with his wife Sian.


After graduating with a Law degree from Aberystwyth University, Keith spent a number of years working as a Training Manager for large UK based Financial Services companies.

With an engaging personality and deep insight and understanding of human behaviour, Keith's passion and enthusiasm for learning and development is infectious. He inspires and motivates all those he trains, coaches and supports.

Keith has considerable experience of coaching and mentoring senior managers, directors and partners of a number of prominent national, international and global companies, notably within the financial services and facilities management sectors.

In a number of organisations Keith has provided support, guidance and direction on Succession Planning for senior staff. He has also assisted and guided companies in their approach to strategic planning.

Keith also applies his skills and knowledge outside the business world by acting as mentor for young people via The Princes' Trust.

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