Business Writing


Why improve writing skills?

Communication is a key skill in business and it is important for managers and leaders to be able to present their messages, thoughts, ideas and analysis clearly and succinctly.

A good strong writing style is useful across all areas including :

  • Email

  • Reports

  • Presentationss

This 1 Day course will improve the structure, layout and content of all written materials and enable attendees to enhance their confidence in producing professional, considered  and effective written communications at all times.

On completion of this 1 Day course attendees will

  • understand the structure of good written communications;

  • be able to review and assess  their writing;

  • know how to apply to emails, letters, reports and presentations; and 

  • improve their writing style and level of professionalism.

Course Objectives


Structure and approach

Using a combination of presentations, exercises and group review and discussion sessions this course will cover :

  • Advantages and disadvantages of written communications

  • What makes a good report

  • Clear objectives

  • FOG Index

    • How easy s it to read​

  • 3Cs

    • Clarity, Conciesnnes & Classification

  • Structure

    • Report

    • Letter

On completion of the course each attendee will produce an Action Plan, including key learning points, to enable progress and improvement  of letters, emails, reports and presentations to be monitored and assessed.

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