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Positive Perspective facilitates 2 main events to enable companies and individuals to discuss new thinking and approaches relevant in business.

  • Training and Development Express (TDX)

  • Food for Thought


Both these sessions provide an opportunity to consider  current business and individual challenges, and potentially gain useful input and ideas to move forward. 

In addition they provide informal opportunities to network with peers from a range of organisations


TDX is primarily aimed at Training and Development professionals and focuses on providing timely insights and information on the key topics and latest activities in this important area.

These free to attend sessions are normally short, 2-3 hours , and in addition to an illuminating presentation will offer attendees the opportunity

  • to ask questions;

  • debate discuss the topic either in the session or over coffee; and

  • network with peers from other organisations

Keeping the sessions short (they typically run first thing) in the morning) enables attendees to return to the office for the rest of the day.

Training & Development Express (TDX)



Food for Thought

Food for Thought  is an informal discussion held over dinner, typically in central London.


Comprising around 8-10 invited  attendees the discussion and debate is held under Chatham House rules (ie what is siad round the table, stays around the table) meaning people can share their own views and experiences without any adverse implications.


Positive Perspective attempts to arrange these sessions approximately every 10-12 weeks and will propose a suitable topic for discussion, usually reflecting a major business challenge of the time.

Occasionally a light hearted element may be introduced. For examples, attendees may basked in dvance to "guess" the price of various commodoties on the London Market on the day of the dinner, such as Oil, Gold or particular share price. The "winner" may receive a small prize for the "business acumen".. Acting as an ice breaker this approach engages the audience at the start of the meal.

If you wish to be considered for future dinners please call on +44 1306 888 990


Alternatively use the Contact Us option to send a message.


Similarly if there is a topic you'd like to discuss with peers and want  Positive Perspective to arrange please get in touch.



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